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Posted by Kaylie Lavery on 11/7/18 1:15 PM

When designing a large restoration or renovation project, some project specifications call for specific brand-name products to utilize for waterproofing, painting, etc. Ask your design professionals to consider “open specifications”, which will allow bidding contractors to submit their first choice of like-kind products to use on your project. Contractors use these products daily and know first-hand which of these products best fit your needs.

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Innovative Solutions - Master Negotiators

Posted by Anna Brautigam on 11/7/18 1:15 PM

One of our biggest priorities at DSS Condo is to save our clients as much money as possible. A key strategy for doing so is exercising tough negotiation skills that we have mastered through years of work to save clients money.

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DSS Condo Launches New Website

Posted by Adam Snitzer on 11/7/18 1:14 PM

DSS Condo’s new website offers advice for navigating the complexities that come with every construction project and is written to address DSS Condo’s core audience of Condominium Association Board Members, Property Managers and Unit Owners.

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Condominium Renovation Projects are Hard

Most are either late, over budget, or both - causing tremendous stress

But it doesn't have to be that way. DSS Condo can be your team of hands-on construction professionals who together have:

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  • Solved thousands of construction-related problems
  • Saved Associations millions.

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